Billy Strings and The Dirty Grass Players- Annapolis, MD

Hello! I’m so excited to finally start off my new website with my first blog post ever! What a way to start it off then the always great Billy Strings. It’s so hard to sit down at a venue, even more so when Billy Strings is playing. I always have felt artists play harder and make it so impossible to sit down at these types of shows, and the young guitar shredder and his band did no different.

The energy was off the charts at Rams Head on Stage in beautiful Annapolis, MD on a school night. The band was on fire as they begin a marathon tour across the US to start the year, including many stops with my friends in Greensky Bluegrass. Billy and his band zoomed through all of his material, slow songs and no shortage of fast paced bluegrass to get the crowd “moving in their seat” if not standing. Shows like this are always great to reflect and truly be one with the music. One of the positives I’ve noticed is the minimal amount of talking from the crowd during events like these, which is a huge problem and great point! Seemingly a concert in your living room due to the intimacy of this venue, that is exactly what it felt like. 4 bluegrass musicians playing for you and a few hundred of your closest friends.

As Billy Strings continues to add to their reputation on the music scene, it is a blessing they still can play a venue such as Rams Head every now and then, truly a treat that won’t last for much longer! Joining them was the also up and coming group from Baltimore, MD: The Dirty Grass Players. These guys have been making some serious waves recently and are hitting the road and region hard this year with numerous gigs throughout the east coast and festivals planned for the summer. Showing that bluegrass is alive and well in Baltimore, they were an excellent start to the night. During their set, which is not common for most opening acts, is the audience was fully in their seats and sold out. People were very intent on hearing them just before Billy Strings, which shows the dedication and name they have made for themselves in such a short time.

I’ll let these photos do the rest of the words for myself, and hope to continue to bring my blog every time I shoot a show or anything else. Please continue to support artists, go see a show, take/tell a friend, buy their merch, support my own art (and other artists) and always always have fun and enjoy the music!


“Don’t watch the music play,

Listen to the music play!”