West King String Band’s Pop Up Set with Darin from Opposite Directions in West OC

When the guys from West King String Band say they are going to play a pop up set in OC, you go. Darin from Opposite Directions got to play with them the previous week for St Patty’s Day, and this was a nice warmup before their set Saturday at Fagers for Brewgrass. Harborside has been a venue OD has been playing weekly for years, and one that WKSB hasn’t played at for many years as well, but makes for an intimate setting to say the least.

It was just the trio tonight, AJ, Jack and Jesse for the occasion. As they rolled through some classic songs in traditional bluegrass as well as some modern day ones alike. An early set and night with friends was a great way to spend a Thursday night in OC, and got myself and so many others looking forward to their big set at Brewgrass, which is shaping up to be the best one yet! Even cooler enough is that this felt more like them playing in your house rather then one of the busier bars in the area. Darin has been a huge part of the music scene on Delmarva for many years now, as Opposite Directions has been playing nearly every night for decades; and he was an instrumental part in teaching the guys how to play music and getting them stoked and wanting to do it as well. Always cool to see things go full circle and come back to where it all started. I can’t wait to see what else gets started soon enough!

And remember,

“Don’t watch the music play,

Listen to the music play!”