West King String Band and The Plate Scrapers Third Thursday Bluegrass Throwdown!

It’s been since December since I’ve gotten the chance to see West King String Band, and it’s always a treat to see them whenever I get the chance. Guys I’ve been seeing all around Ocean City at bars for years and went to high school with them. It’s been really cool to see them progress as a band through members, new material, mastering new covers, and getting to play more and more across the country. That being said, seeing them play one of their first shows in MD outside of the beach at such a storied venue for bluegrass at the 8×10 was awesome! The Third Thursday throw down was nothing short of fun and so glad to see them here.

This monthly showcase at the 8×10 has had bands you now know and love across the region, and also ones that you have yet to hear of but will soon. I feel this way about WKSB. Since their move from OC to St Augustine, FL and now an upcoming one to the bluegrass mecca, Asheville, NC only more will come from these guys, and proud to be a part of the journey. A very busy early crowd came out for their opening early set and stayed for the whole show on a weekday.

Another homegrown MD band to close the night was The Plate Scrapers from Hagerstown. This was my first time ever seeing them, but I have heard many great things about this guys and they didn’t disappoint! A very nice mix of new grass and traditional bluegrass and a way to keep the party going into the night. The cool part of the bands is how similar and unique they are, especially with instruments: WKSB: fiddle, bass, guitar, mandolin, drums; PS: dobro, mandolin, bass, guitar, banjo. Very cool to see their take on songs while using some of the traditional instruments in bluegrass and what these instruments allow for moments to shine and have within music.

Equally as cool, is the fact that the 8×10 is supporting local and traveling bluegrass acts on this day once a month (and many many other days throughout the month.) What a small and intimate setting in the heart of Baltimore. Both bands are from opposite sides of the state of MD but have the same qualities that bluegrass bands usually have, but also distinct differences in where they are and where they have traveled to. These bands are already on the rise, and will continue that incline for many more years to come. So definitely look out for them the next time at a local venue or festival for many years to go! This is certainly not the last time these two will grace the stages together especially in MD!

And remember,

“Don’t watch the music play,

listen to the music play!”