Washington DC Photo Travels- U Street and The National Mall

Washington DC is always a place I feel I have taken for granted. It’s always been basically in my backyard or a quick drive away. Wanted to give two different galleries I took recently just walking around the neighborhood in two completely separate areas of DC. The first was one afternoon walking around U Street and one of the largest and historically African American neighborhoods in the city. One that for most of the early 20th century was full of jazz bars, music, culture, art nightlife, restaurants, and African American owned businesses in a time of segregation and prejudice.

The second gallery is one from a quick walk from Chinatown down to the National Mall. Some of my favorite museums I have been going to since my childhood, and not shortage of history and lots of monuments as well. For this trip during Greensky’s DC run I decided to check out two museums I haven’t gotten the chance to go to before: the Native American and American History ones. Both just as cool as any of the others, and always so great to have such a vast array of knowledge so close to your home. More shenanigans and exploring came after the show at 3am walking around the Lincoln Memorial as well.. Extremely cold, but equally as enjoyable to check out the sites at this time of night with little to no people also; will try again in the summer for sure..

DC is something that is always in the news for the wrong reasons regarding our political climate. But like any other city in the world, it has its beauty, destruction, good/bad, and lots of people who make it special. It is a place every person who is from the US or who travels to the US should definitely make a plan to come visit. SO many resources at your fingertips and a huge encyclopedia of history, knowledge, artifacts, and the fact that it is completely FREE!

And remember,

“Don’t watch the music play,

listen to the music play!”