Papadosio and Aqueous kick off their winter tour in Philly!

Philly has been quite the place to party within recent weeks, so much music is always going on, food, and oh yeah the Super Bowl victory from the Eagles (who aren’t my team) but still very cool.. Even better, is the tour opener from my friends in Papadosio to kick off their winter schedule full blast. The TLA is one of my favorite venues in Philly with such an intimate setting and easily some of the best food and craziness in Philly as a tourist destination. Pizza+ Papadosio= Party!

Aqueous kicked off the night, as they are joining Papadosio on this tour across the east coast, and boy has this band grown on me recently. Easily one of my favorite up and coming artists in the jam scene by far! The band from Buffalo, NY has made some serious waves recently touring with Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Dopapod and now Dosio just to name a few and coming off a huge festival and tour schedule in 2017. I had listened to them before I first saw them last May at Domefest for two massive sets. But as always seeing is believing, and I am a believer in their sound, vibe and the people that come with it. Such tight music, lots of long jams, some cool and unique covers, and blending genres and music together. Truly giving the name “groove rock” a new light!

For them being able to build a name for themselves so quickly and playing some of the most heralded venues in the country thus far, the future is definitely big for Aqueous! It won’t be long before they themselves are the ones headlining these venues and tours. Go see them whenever you can!

Papadosio has been one of my favorite bands for awhile, ever since hearing their music many years ago and seeing many shows later. However, this sadly was my first show since late 2015 from the gang. They have always been able to blend a very natural aesthetic from literally nature and transform with the electronic and progressive rock world together. With album after album they have been able to produce and support, they continue to get better and better with age!

This night was no different on a cold and “school night” in Philly. The first show started off with some fire which will resonate and follow them throughout the next few weeks as they criss cross the east coast to suit. They have been playing one set recently, and that is no problem at all with me. They are a band that could easily play 4+ hours straight and not even realize it. It is almost better then playing for just one hour or so per set, but instead being able to have them “heat” up and keep going for a marathon 2 hour+ set. It is a rollercoaster for each of their set, a journey amongst darker jams, upbeat and beautiful lyrics, and then just straight jamming and almost metal sounding at moments. Accompanied by beautiful visuals and lights that create the aura behind the band, it is a different world in many cases.

Case to be, these bands make a very dynamic and often complimentary duo together touring, so go see them! Both so different yet similar in many ways and both will be around all summer playing at your favorite festivals and cities near you. I can’t wait to see the future of both artists and more shows ahead!

And remember..
“Don’t watch the music play,

Listen to the music play!”