Exploring Ocean City, MD and Fenwick Island, DE on a beautiful winter day

On the day after the very tragic events in Florida with the latest school shooting massacre in America, I wanted to find peace and beauty in each day we are given. I will never know why people feel the need to use violence, anger, hatred, or racism towards another person to try to express how they feel or why they are doing things. We desperately need a change in policy and to stop thinking we don’t have a problem with gun violence in America; and talk about these issues not just kick the can down the curb and do nothing. Dozens of politicians in Congress accept millions and millions of dollars each year from the NRA and many other gun lobbyists organizations to protect their interests, which sells out the interests, safety, and peace of mind of so many children and individuals alike. This is not what we should want, or wanting to sit behind and watch.

These photos were on a beautiful 60 degree day, which has been the absolute opposite lately this winter, after a photoshoot with a friend. The clouds looked very cool, but almost spooky, eerie, and stormy although it was pretty sunny out and warm. A very ominous message and aura that came across the beach on a very dark and hard time. The sun came out though with such a beautiful sunset, which always means hope to me and a brighter and better tomorrow. The darkest hour is right before the dawn, and I know we will do better and change for the better.

Ocean City and Fenwick Island have been two of my favorite places ever since I was a little kid, and have always brought myself so much beauty and peace. I hope you reading and viewing this will seek and take yourself to any of the places that make you feel similarly.

Case in point, take advantage of beautiful days, pull over, stop what you’re doing, and go. You never know when another will come..

And remember..

“Don’t watch the music play,

listen to the music play!”