Muskrat Lightning with a rockin’ show in OC!

The winter months and hopefully cold weather is gone in OC. With this being more and more music and people to the area. It’s been since December that I’ve gotten to see my friends in Muskrat Lightning play. This five piece group is easily one of the best bands on Delmarva, bringing lots of their own great original material, Grateful Dead covers and very unique covers and songs throughout their repertoire. They have easily set themselves apart amongst an area with little original music or bands that strictly do covers in the resort area. They are one of those bands that brings out the freaks, deadheads, and all of the good people each time that they play regardless of when or where.

A unique and weird night to say the least was a venue that is part liquor store and part bar/venue. Additionally, a drunken person stumbled onstage and took out a microphone and guitar with his beer. Definitely a first for both things in my history of seeing shows, truly shocking.. But enough of that, with a busy summer schedule coming up, Muskrat Lightning will be all over Delmarva in the next few months. With more and more songs on the way and bringing out the hippies all across the area. One of my favorite musicians in the area and the guitarist and lead vocalist in Muskrat, Otto Grundman who is fresh off of his recent marriage a few weeks ago, was shredding all night in OC. From top to bottom they are a band that you should definitely see if they are playing whenever you are in the area as they are truly keeping the spirit alive. Can’t wait for more shows with these guys as they continue to create more original music and play favorites as well!

And remember,

“Don’t watch the music play,
Listen to the music play!”