Kitchen Dwellers Return to Pittsburgh, PA!

My friends in the Kitchen Dwellers have been incredibly busy lately, and made their return to Pittsburgh, PA at Cattivo. Pittsburgh has become a major stop from them on tours wedged right in between the east coast and midwest and bringing out great crowds and music. It’s always good to have them on this side of the US as well with many more shows coming this way on the horizon. They were joined on this tour and first leg of tour by Peter Baabs on mandolin who has been filling in for their normal mandolin payer Shawn Swain. And he has done an awesome job doing so!

This unique venue was in the middle of the largely hipster known neighborhood of PGH called Lawrenceville and in the middle of residential houses at the end of the block. It also has an upstairs location that is a gay bar, while the downstairs is a music venue. In the dark basement is a super intimate and small venue. Their first show back this way created an almost private show vibe to it as it truly was super intimate and smaller. I am very confident the Dwellers next show back here will be at a larger venue as well, as they are only bringing more and more people out to their shows out this way. I’m proud of where they have been thus far, and where they are going! Sky is only the limit.

Get out and check out the Kitchen Dwellers on tour, and don’t shy away from the venues that are lesser known or obscure locations, because you truly never know who you will see or find! The next big act or your favorite local band, it is all a mystery.

And remember,

“Don’t watch the music play,

listen to the music play!”