Greensky Bluegrass and Billy Strings are back in town!

It wouldn’t be early February without Greensky Bluegrass playing the 930 Club. It has become sort of a yearly tradition to have so much music playing in DC throughout the coldest and most depressing month of the year arguably. Luckily, this is a thing myself and so many others look forward to in the winter months before the spring awakening and festival season starts. So many friends come from across the country for the Philly>DC run, and this year was no different; looking back over the shows played each year, DC is always one that many people look as one of the best of the year. For the last five years, Greensky has played this historic and iconic venue in the Nation’s Capitol. It is one of the venues that all music lovers should take a trip too at least once in their life as it has shared the stage with hundreds of the most famous musicians of all genres over its history. Since DC obviously doesn’t already have tons of history, monuments, and memorials of its own to see and enjoy..

Unlike past years, Greensky had one night here, which meant that this sold out “one night stand” had to make up for lost time and nights spent here.. And that is exactly what they did. Unlike them, it was Billy Strings first time playing here, and what did he do.. Started the set with a 7 minute opening jam, something so unorthodox for an opening set being only 45 minutes long. This just shows the uniqueness and creativity he and his band have, always thinking outside of the box and taking risks with their musicianship. I still am blown each time I see him play, and know so many others feel the same way with new fans made each show.

Greensky is known for barn burners in DC, and this show was literally no different. What a way to start the set then celebrating one of the most interesting holidays held on February 2nd, then with a “Groundhog Day”. Other highlights were one of my favorite songs, “200 Miles from Montana” into a raging “Johnny B. Goode” with none other then Billy Strings himself on electric guitar. The second set started with an homage to Greensky being back in DC, with “The Boys Are Back in Town” because well, they were! And made their mark known that they were. Second set (and this show in general) was one of my favorite Greensky sets I have ever seen out of over 30+ shows. The Into the Rafters, Tarpology>My Sally>Tarpology is one of my favorite segues of music I have heard from them; with “My Sally” being one of the many rare songs that many Campers had been chasing for years.

This show is one that will not be forgotten anytime soon in my mind and the mind of many Campers. DC will always hold a special place in my heart for Greensky, and know this tradition of music, love and family will continue for many years to come. Always see the band, when the boys are back in town where ever this may be!

And remember..

“Don’t watch the music play,

listen to the music play!”